Review – Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 Charcoal Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub 

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PureActive Intensive 3in1, with blueberry extract and charcoal, can be used as a wash, scrub and mask to visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads and spots, and help to protect against their reappearance.

Proven Effectiveness

Wash: It intensely purifies skin and removes dirt and impurities. All impurities appear removed
Scrub: It contains natural exfoliating particles to unclog pores and visibly reduce the appearance of blackheads. Blackheads appear visibly reduced
Mask: Reduces the look of shine while leaving skin feeling comfortable and smooth. Excess of sebum appears eliminated.

How I use the product-

I use this product in the shower.

And you only need a small amount to cover your entire face.

I then cleanse and scrub my face.

After a month of using this product:

I noticed my skin becoming a bit clearer

The blackheads are also going. I also do a nose pore strip and extractions with a tool from Tweezerman, which helps with blackheads and whiteheads.

Also, this product is affordable.

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How I make my blemishes disappear 

These are the products that I use:

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion


I usually put this on a pimple at night as it will dry it out and reduce its appearance.

This contains a blend of Calamine and Salicylic Acid.

This has helped reduce the appearance of my spots.

How to use-

  • Do not shake solution.
  • Dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment.
  • Dab on a pimple and let dry.
  • Wash off solution in the morning.


Cos RD Acne Pimple Master Match


Quickly vanquish blots on an otherwise flawless visage with CosRx’s Pimple Master Patches – spot-controlling hydrocolloid ‘stickers’, which ward against infection whilst battling blemishes into submission. Hydrocolloid is effective at ‘drawing’ impurities – encouraging even deep-rooted, cystic blemishes to come to a head – which in turn, speeds up their life cycle. These are the perfect, quick-fix solution for complexion crises – calming redness and soothing red, angry imperfections to swiftly restore skin clarity. Always at the cutting-edge of Asian innovation, where South Korea leads the rest of the industry eventually follows. Renowned for their high-maintenance, myriad-step skincare rituals – and flawless complexions – Korean women leave no stone (or silk work) unturned in their quest for complexion, so discover CosRx and discover the secret to beautiful, blemish-free skin.

This product extracts what is in the spot and all the oil surrounding it. I usually wear this during the day when I’m at home and during the night if I know that the spot is not budging.


L’Óreal Blemish Rescue Face Mask


L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask features a powerful blend of 3 Pure Clays combined with Marine Algae Extract.

Targeted towards for spot/blemish prone skin, the L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have selected three Pure Clays and combined them with Marine Algae extract, known for its anti-blemish properties. The creamy texture of the L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask targets deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear imperfections, leaving the skin pure and fresh without drying it out.

I usually apply this once or twice a week. And leave it on for 10-15 minutes. This is one of my favourite masks. This helps with my blemishes by unclogging my pores, so by getting rid of the bad oil and the dirt.


Sand and Sky Purifying Pink Clay Mask


Like giving your skin a fresh, natural Australian holiday (in just 10 minutes) Sand&Sky’s Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask utilises natural wonders to instantly detoxify and brighten your skin. The secret ingredient, Australian pink clay, is the real star of the show here – it draws out impurities, toxins and pollutants from the skin unlike anything else, refining pores and deeply cleansing as it goes. To invigorate skin and brighten further, organic liquorice and old man’s weed (another Aussie gem) help to regenerate skin cells and stimulate cell production, gently removing pigmentation clusters from the skin’s surface. To continue this refining action, organic pomegranate and aloe vera tighten pores and soothe, stimulating collagen production for long-term firming. Brilliantly brightening, the pink clay is also complemented by Kakadu plum and organic mangosteen to guard against free radical damage and create a defensive shield to deflect harmful pollutants. Impaired by absolutely nothing and suitable even for sensitive skin types – no nasties nor animal testing here! – this luscious, naturally powered clay mask instantly boosts radiance, leaving you with a clearer complexion and an unbelievable, youthful glow.

I would use this 2-3 times a week as I have oily combination skin.

This brings out all of impurities and brightens my skin.

My tips when using a face mask-

Always cleanse the skin beforehand

If you have a facial steam machine, use that as it will open your pores, use it for 10 minutes

Always leave your mask on till it drys

Always tone your skin afterwards


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What products do you use?

Erborian CC Cream – First Impression

The secret of Korean skin perfection. These intelligent, hybrid formulas transforming your skin, to give a velvety, ultra-soft spotless finish. CC Creme HD is the first radiance skincare high definition: this ultra-fine, deeply moisturising texture is enriched in CC pigments, the new generation Color Controling pigments self adjust to your natural luminous beauty, new vitality, freshness and radiance. CC Creme HD, highly concentrated in CC Pigments and associated to the Centella Asiatica, botanical active from the Korean pharmacopea, preserves, moisturises and enhances your skin, helps to diminish your imperfections. Your skin is luminous, radiant, full of vitality and more perfect, simply and naturally.

How I applied the CC cream-

  • Dotted around the face
  • And blended it with a real techniques sculpting brush
  • And blended my concealers and powders on top

What the product does-

  • Blends in and actually becomes your skin tone
  • Evens out my skin tone
  • Gives a light natural coverage
  • Gives a your skin but better look
  • Covers up blemishes

How it held up through out the day

  • It does transfer when I touched my face
  • Made me look fresh and healthy

I really like this CC and I would wear it on days where I want to wear light makeup. And I would recommend this product.

House of Fraser

Must Have Highend Makeup Products 

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray 

One of the best setting sprays on the market, and it really makes a difference to my makeup.

This makes the powder blend into my skin. And the spray is not harsh, it’s like a bit more than a fine mist and it works really well.

It does make my makeup last longer. This is a part of my makeup routine.

2. Mac Fix Plus Spray 

This spray is great for enhancing shimmer eyeshadows. And the spray makes my makeup look like my skin after powder.

3. Ofra Cosmetics Highlighters 

These Highlighters are one of the best. The formula is amazing. This highlight is pigmented and blends so well.

There are also so many shades available to suit different skin tones.

4. Iconic London Illuminator 

This liquid highlight is amazing. I have the original shade, which is perfect for my skin tone. This with a powder highlight is amazing and pigmented.

5. Kat Von D Contour Palette 

This palette has amazing powders and shades. They blend really well and the powder is buildable if you go in with a light hand.

6. Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint

The formula is not drying and lasts a good amount of time. They have so many shades to choose from.

7. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 

I have the shades medium and tan sand. This concealer is full coverage and does not crease under my eye. This also covers up some of my dark pigmentation.

8. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 

This foundation is great on days where I have set skin. So this is usually my go-to included the winter. The coverage is medium to full. The foundation lasts a good amount of time.

9. Stila Magnificent Metals 

This great if you want your eye to pop with giltter. It’s so easy to apply. They have so many colours to choose from. With this product, I would do my eyes first as there is fall out when blending out the eyeshadows.

10. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder 

This is one of the best powders on the market. It sets my concealer and foundation really well. It doesn’t dry out my skin. And it doesn’t flash back in photography.


Where to buy-

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

Mac Fix Plus

Ofra Highlights

Iconic London Illuminator

Kat Von D Contour Palette

Tarte Liquid Lipstick

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Nars Sheer Glow

Stila Magnificent Metals

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder


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Top Five Eyeshadow Palettes #2

  1. Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette 

The quality of these eyeshadows is amazing. There isn’t a lot of kick back in the pans and not a lot of fallout when applying the eyeshadows. there are so many shades to choose from.

2. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows and Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows

These are some of my favorite formulas, and these were some of the first eyeshadows that I purchased. I always go back to these as they are so good.

There are so many shades to choose from. But the downside is they are not travel-friendly.

3. ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is a bit of an investment, but so worth it. A bit of kickback in the pans, but it is not a big deal. The shadows blend really well and you can create many looks with the palette.  It is also travel-friendly.

4. Dose OF Colors Baked Browns Palette

The blendability on these eyeshadows are amazing. If you love warm brown tones then this is the palette for you. A bit of kickback and fallout but nothing too dramatic.

5. Colourpop Single Eyeshadows

These are some of the most affordable eyeshadows on the market. They also have a variety of shades to choose from. Some fallout but I would suggest doing your eyeshadow before the rest of your face.


What are your favourite eyeshadow palettes?

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Favourite L’Oréal Makeup Products 

1. True Match Foundation 

This foundation is amazing a little bit neutral on me, so I mix in the Nyx pro foundation mixer in olive. This doesn’t change the formula.

The foundation is medium to full coverage. It gives my skin your skin but better look. The foundation lasts really well throughout the day and it suits my skin type.

The foundation has many shades available.

2. Paradise Mascara 

In my opinion, this is a dupe for the Too Faced better than sex Mascara. This is way more affordable. And this doesn’t clump up my lashes.

3. Lash Sculpt Mascara 

This Mascara is voluminous on my lashes and I combine it with the Paradise Mascara. It’s the best combination of mascaras for me.

I also love this Mascara on its own on my bottom lashes.

4. Brow Xpert

I think that this is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. It’s lasts well on my brows if you set it with Brow Gel.

5. Glam Bronzer 

This bronzer is perfect for my skin tone when I ‘m pale. Also the formula is buildable.

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Top 5 Face Powders

1. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder 

This is my favourite powder for setting my concealer and the whole face. It doesn’t flashback in photos. I have the travel size and lasts a long time. 

I sometimes use my beauty blender to set my under eyes and t-zone, I don’t bake as I don’t have the time for it. 
2. Fenty Beauty Invismatte Blotting Powder 

This powder is great for setting my face and it’s great for touch ups through out the day. And it makes skin look airbrushed. It doesn’t flashback in photos.  

I use an under-eye setting brush and a powder brush when using this powder. 
3. Maybelline Better Skin Powder 

This powder is great for setting my foundation. It’s my skin look better. Not available in the U.K. yet. I purchased mine off amazon. Also it’s really affordable. 

4. Maybelline Matte and Poreless Powder 

Great for setting my foundation. Keeps my oil controlled. Affordable and has my many shades available.  This also keeps my skin flawless. 
5. Charlotte Tilbury airbrush Flawless finishing powder 

This powder is great for my skin type. And I use for touch ups on my t-zone. And it’s not cakey. 

The down side is the price. And it only has 3 shades. 
Where to buy

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder- Feelunique
Fenty Beauty
Maybelline- available at Boots and Superdrug 

Charlotte Tilbury Powder- Cult Beauty

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Affordable- How I Wash My Makeup Brushes 

You don’t need to spend a lot to clean your brushes when you can use household items. And the real techniques cleansing palette is also affordable. 

How I clean my brushes:

1. Use a small glass bowl, fill it with fairy liquid or any washing up liquid that you have and add a small amount of olive oil. The oil is to make sure that the brushes bristles are not dried out and damaged. 

2. I then wet my brushes with the water and dip it in the bowl and swirl it around on my real techniques brush Cleansing palette. 

3. I then squeeze out the water and repeat the cleaning again. 

4. I then lie my brushes flat on a towel and then cover the brushes with the other half of the towel so no dust gets onto it. 
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Disappointing Products 

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

  • The foundation oxidized
  • The formula was drying and didn’t help with my oil control
  • It didn’t last well through the day

2. Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks

  • Crumbles after a few hours
  • Expensive and have to pay customs

3. Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip Liquid Lipstick

  • Didn’t sit on my lips well, kept crumbling
  • But I will keep on wearing and testing it out

4. Beauty Bakerie Flour Powder in Translucent

  • It’s fine for a day to day basis, but in flash photography, it’s a no go
  • It made my face look so light but not white

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Testing Fenty Beauty Blotting Powder and Pro Fil’tr Soft Matte Longwear Foundation- Wear Test 

How I prepared my skin-

  • Did a Sephora Sheet Mask
  • Farsali Unicorn Tears Primer

How I applied my makeup- 

  • Used two pumps of foundation and blended it with a beauty blender 
  • Concealed my under eyes and blemishes with Concealer 
  • Then used the Fenty beauty universal powder to set my face
  • Then I used Bronzer where the sunlight hits naturally 
  • And I Contour my cheekbones and jawline with my pixi contour kit
  • And used the ofra Cosmetics Blissful highlight on the tops of my cheekbones 

Review of the powder-

  • Applied easily and set my foundation really well 
  • The powder has no colour 
  • Has no flash back 

Wear Test of The Foundation and Powder 

  • Through out the day the foundation looked fresh but with a healthy matte finish 
  • The powder held up well on my t-zone and I re-touched once. 
  • The powder and foundation did not look cakey at all
  • At the end of day the foundation and powder held up well 

I would definitely recommend both of these products but only if you have combination skin. In my opinion I think that the foundation would be to drying for your skin. 

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