Review- Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow 

There has been such a hype over these products. I completely agree with the hype. These eyeshadows come in 8 shades which cost £23 each. They are available on Cult Beauty. 

For eyes with serious sparkle, this blindingly stunning shadow pigment combines pearlescent and glitter particles to guarantee an instant head-turning look. The water-infused texture is super easy to apply, thanks to the applicator wand and dries to a shimmering finish that never dulls. Yet it also cares for the skin with conditioning glycerin, while triethanolamine forms a protective barrier between the skin and the glittery pigment, so it always feels comfortable to wear. Choose from an array of gemstone hues, from the twinkling ebony ‘Molten Midnight’; show-stopping ‘Gold Goddess’ and beautiful bronze ‘Smouldering Satin’, to the shimmering silver ‘Diamond Dust’ and exquisite ‘Rose Gold Retro’. There’s a shade to suit every skin tone and occasion.

I have the shades, kitten karma, bronzed bell and molten midnight. 


Easy to apply 

Blends nicely 

Great colours for everyone 

A nice pop of glitter on the eyes 

Lasts all day, but don’t touch your eyes otherwise it will come off


Availability, it is always sold out 

Quite expensive 

Can go on patchy sometime, but to fix that just shake the product so everything mixes in together 

A pain to take off, there is glitter everywhere 

Overall, it is a great product, and it is great for special occasions or everyday use. 

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