My Morning Skincare Routine 

Hi, today I’m sharing with you my Skincare Routine. I have finally found a routine that works me. 

Background information about my skin: 

I have combination skin, my t-zone tends to be oily and my cheek area is dry to normal. 

I also have acne prone skin, my cheek and chin are my problem areas when it comes to acne. 

As for my body skin type, I have very dry skin. 

My Routine-

1. I start of with rinsing my face with warm water and exfoliating my face. I exfoliate 2-3 a week. I use the st ives apricot scrub. 

2. I then cleanse my face with my yes To tomatoes cleanser. This is a charcoal based cleanser. This helps with my acne. 

3.  Before applying my moisturiser, I apply the L’Oréal Skin Perfection Serum and I let this skin for a few minutes. 

4. Then I use my Yes to tomatoes moisturiser on face and neck. I massage this in with my fingers. 

5. I then use my tarte h2o moisturiser which is perfect for hydrating my skin. This is a water Gel moisturiser. This helps with my oily t-zone. 

6. I then moisturise my lips with the dr lipp lip balm. This is a thick balm which helps with my dry lips. 

7. As for my body I firstly moisturise my skin with the palmers cocoa butter cream. This helps moisturise my skin for most of the day. 

8. I then apply my sure deodorant on my underarms. 

Up next is the first edition of my product empties

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