First Impression- Jeffree Star Cosmetics 

Who is Jeffree Star? 

I’ve been following Jeffree Star on Instagram for a while now, and if you haven’t heard of him, he’s a self made makeup artist, musician, singer, model, fashion designer. As soon as I Beauty Bay was going to stock his cosmetics line. I quickly got my hands on some products before they went out of stock. 

The Skin Frost Highlight 
 I got the shade King Tut. Which is a gold shade. 

The pan holds a whopping 15 grams of product. Let’s compare the size and price to the other biggest highlighters out there right now.

Becca’s Champagne Pop is £32 for 8 grams

Mac Cosmetics Soft and Gentle is £24 for 10 grams 

This highlight is so pigmented, you only need the smallest amount. The highlight is very creamy and pigmented. 

Velour Liquid Lipstick 

I got the shades Androgyny and Posh Spice. 

The product is lightweight and long lasting. 

But they seem to cling on to my dry skin on my lips. 

Velour Lipstick 

I got the shade Celebrity Skin. This lipstick is creamy and very moisturising.  

Swatches Left to Right: 

King Tut, Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice and Androgyny.  

Where to buy Jeffree Star Products:


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