Review on the Morphe 35F Palette 

The 35F palette came in a cardboard packaging, as well as a good amount of bubblewrap for protection. Morphe’s palettes have a simple black plastic packaging, with their logo on the front, and a sticker on the back indicating the number of the palette.

The ‘F’ in the name 35F stands for ‘Fall Into Frost’, so clearly this is an eyeshadow palette created for and inspired by Fall. And I guess that’s pretty obvious considering the amount of cranberry, green and golden tones in this palette. Overall it’s a pretty warm palette that comes with 35 eyeshadow pans.

The palette contains 28 metallic eyeshadows and 7 matte eyeshadows. 

The pros of the palette: 

The price point is amazing, it costs £21 

The eyeshadows are very pigmented 

The palette is very versatile, meaning that you can create many looks using this palette 

The formula of these eyeshadows are very creamy so that these eyeshadows are very blendable 

These eyeshadows last all day 

The cons: 

The packaging is a bit flimsy, but I recommend that you should be careful with the palette when using it

The palette does not include a mirror, like most eyeshadows palettes do 

Overall, I would recommend getting your hands on this palette as it is always sold out and the colours are perfect for all year round. I would also recommend signing up for emails that notify you when the product is back in stock. 


Where to buy the palette: Currently Sold Out Currently Sold Out 


One thought on “Review on the Morphe 35F Palette 

  1. ena says:

    I haven’t tried Morphe products, before as I have very less knowledge about makeups, but this eye-shadow palette looks beautiful. I have to admit, I’m a little hesitant after reading up on some of the controversy surrounding the quality of their products, but on the other hand there’s just so much rave about them that I’m tempted to give them a go! Recently, I did my makeup classes for beginners by Lina Cameron , so I need to practice a lot to improve my skill. So, I will definitely try them out!


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